5. Define the Data Filter Format. Type ^B40 [Enter]. The system will emit a beep and a
cursor will appear.
a) Press the space bar or dash key to indicate a position you do not need to monitor.
Each time the space bar is pressed, a dash will appear in the format definition.
b) When you reach a field you want to monitor, type a series of variables (any letter
from A to L) to assign a variable to that position (see Figure 6.2). The same variable
is repeated for each position in the field
(e.g. AAAAAAA).
c) When you reach the end of the call record, or the last position you need to monitor,
press [Enter]. The Data Filter Format will be saved.
d) In Figure 6.2, the variable "A" represents the field for the number dialed. The first
three lines are sample call records and the last line is the Data Filter Format.
6. Type ^B30 [Enter] to return to the Command Mode.
7. Type ^B41 [Enter] to display the Data Filter Format.
6.1.1. Single Command Line Method
The Data Filter Format can also be defined in a single command line. In order to use the single
command line method, you must know the exact location and width of each field. For the
single command line method, Command ^B40 is invoked as follows:
^B40,format [Enter]
Where format is the Data Filter Format.
Example: Assume that you know the location of the field that stores the time the call was
received or placed. If this field spans from the second character through the sixth character of
the record, and you wish to assign the variable "A" to this position, Command ^B40 would be
invoked as follows:
^B40,-AAAAA----(etc.) [Enter]
Where each dash character (-) represents a position that you do not need to monitor, and an
"A" has been entered to define each position in the "time" field you need to monitor.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide The Data Filter
|08:15|OUT|040|01:15|8531212 |DDD|00.10|
|08:17|OUT|007|00:30|411 |DDD|00.10|
|08:21|IN |005|00:43| | | |
Figure 6.2: Sample Data Filter Format
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