c) The next four prompts are used to define the weekday and weekend schedules for
Timer One and Timer Two. Enter each time range in the following format:
Where HH represents the hour (00 through 23), MM represents minutes (00 through
59), and beginning and ending times are separated by a dash.
i. WEEKDAY 1: Define the weekday schedule for Timer One (e.g. normal
business hours).
ii. WEEKDAY 2: Define the weekday schedule for Timer Two (e.g. lunch hour).
iii. WEEKEND 1: Define the weekend schedule for Timer One (e.g. normal
weekend hours).
iv. WEEKEND 2: Define the weekend schedule for Timer Two (e.g. weekend lunch
v. If you make a format error while responding to any of the above prompts, the
prompt will be redisplayed, allowing you to re-key the time range.
d) After the timer schedules have been defined, PollCat III will display a series of
prompts used to define up to 20 holidays.
i. When the ?prompt appears, type in the holiday date in MM/DD format, where
MM represents the month (01 through 12) and DD represents the day (01 through
ii. If you make an error in entry format while defining holidays, a "??" prompt will
be displayed, allowing you to re-key the date.
iii. You may continue to enter additional holidays as described above, or press [Esc]
to save parameter settings and return to the Command Mode.
3. After Command ^B15 is complete, and PollCat III has returned to the Command Mode,
type ^B17 [Enter] to display the No-Data Alarm schedules and parameter settings.
4. To alter any of the parameters for the No-Data Alarm, repeat steps 2 and 3 above. Note
that previously defined values for each prompt will be displayed on the line adjacent to
the prompt. Key in the new value and press [Enter].
5. Use Command ^B87 to select an Alarm Notification method.
Note: In addition to the menu driven method described above, the No-Data Alarm
can also be configured and enabled using a single command line as described in the
Command Reference Guide. (Section 10)
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide The No-Data Alarm
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