4.5.3. The Report Mode Command String
Command ^B04 can also define a command string that will be automatically executed when the
Report Mode is active (^B87,4), and a Toll Fraud Alarm is generated. To define and enable
this feature, enter Command Mode and proceed as follows.
1. Invoke Command ^B04 using the following format:
^B04,!command_string [Enter]
Note that an exclamation point (rather than an asterisk or ^B) is used to denote a
command string, and each command in the string is separated by a backslash as shown in
the following example.
^B04,!00\13\20,A [Enter]
This command string would instruct PollCat III to move the memory partition (^B00),
send the Alarm Message with clue name and current count (^B13), and send the current
number of stored Alarm Records (^B20,A).
3. To view the Report Mode Command String, type
^B03 [Enter].
4. To select the Report Mode, type ^B87,4 [Enter].
4.6. The Data Filter
The Data Filter conserves memory and cuts transmission time by preventing the PollCat III
from storing unnecessary call records. Items such as inward bound calls, calls from a specific
extension, and etc. can be eliminated, saving memory for call records that you do need to store.
The procedure for defining and enabling the Data Filter is described in Section 6.
4.7. The Alarm Filter (Toll Fraud Alarm)
The Alarm Filter provides notification when specific types of calls are placed or received. In
addition, the Alarm Filter can also sort out certain types of records and store and retrieve them
apart from other records. The procedure for defining and enabling the Alarm Filter is
described in Section 7.
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