4.5.2. The Auto Execute Command
Command ^B04 can also define an automatically executed command string. The Auto Execute
Command will be invoked if the unit goes on-line from a callout, and the correct password is
not entered within 10 seconds. To define and enable this feature, enter the Command Mode
and proceed as follows.
1. The Direct Connect Option must be disabled. Make certain Set-Up Switch 6 is set in the
DOWN position.
2. Invoke Command ^B04 using the following format:
^B04,*command_string [Enter]
Note that an asterisk (rather than ^B) is used to denote a command string, and each
command in the string is separated by a backslash as shown in the following example.
^B04,*00\20\09 [Enter]
This Auto Execute Command would instruct PollCat III to move the memory partition
(^B00), Send the current number of stored records (^B20), and then disconnect from the
calling modem (^B09).
3. Type ^B03 [Enter] to view the Auto Execute Command string.
4. Enable the Auto Execute Command; type ^B69,2 [Enter].
The Auto Execute Command String should always end with command ^B09
(disconnect). This will discourage unauthorized access and prevent PollCat III
from being inadvertently left in Command Mode.
The Auto Execute Command will only function when a PollCat III callout is
initiated and the correct password is not entered within 10 seconds.
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