4.4.2. Scheduled Callback
Callbacks can be scheduled for a different time each day, and specific days of the week can be
omitted. Up to seven Scheduled Callbacks can be defined; one for each day of the week. Note
that Scheduled Callbacks will be performed in addition to any Immediate Callbacks, 80% Full
Callbacks, No-Data Alarms, or Toll Fraud Alarms generated on a given day. Other types of
Callbacks will not effect the Callback Schedule.
In order for a Scheduled Callback to occur, there must be data stored in the
PollCat III’s memory. If no records are stored, the Scheduled Callback will not be
In order for this feature to function properly, Callback Parameters must be
correctly defined using Command ^B14.
The Callback Number is defined at Command ^B14's CALLBACK#? prompt.
In the default state, the Callback Schedule is disabled. To enable and define this feature, enter
the Command Mode and proceed as follows.
1. Type ^B70,S [Enter] to enable the Scheduled Callback.
2. Invoke Command ^B12 using the following format:
^B12,d,HH:MM [Enter]
dis the day of the week, and is indicated as follows:
Sunday = 1 Thursday = 5
Monday = 2 Friday = 6
Tuesday = 3 Saturday = 7
Wednesday = 4
HH is the hour 00 - 23 (Military Time)
MM is the minute 00 - 59
Example: To instruct PollCat III to dial the Callback Number on Monday (2) at 10:30
am (10:30), Wednesday (4) at 2:15 pm (14:15), and Friday (6) at 5:45 pm (17:45),
enter the following command lines:
^B12,2,10:30 [Enter]
^B12,4,14:15 [Enter]
^B12,6,17:45 [Enter]
3. To display the Callback Schedule, type ^B19 [Enter].
4. To clear the Callback Schedule, type ^B12,*.
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