4.3.6. Hold "END DATA" Message
Command ^B52 determines whether or not PollCat III will require a ^B02 command in order to
release the "END DATA" message.
When Command ^B01,n is invoked, PollCat III will release accumulated data to the polling
device. At the end of data transmission, the "END DATA" message will be sent. In the default
state (^B52,1), the "END DATA" message will be released without the need to enter a ^B02
When ^B52,2 is active, and Command ^B01,n is issued, a ^B02 will be required in order to
release the "END DATA" message. To enable or disable this function, enter Command Mode
and proceed as follows:
1. To hold the "END DATA" message until a ^B02 command is sent, type
^B52,2 [Enter].
2. To release the "END DATA" message without the need to issue a ^B02 command
(Default), type ^B52,1 [Enter].
4.4. Callback Features
The Callback Features allow PollCat III to provide telephone notification when certain types of
PBX events occur. These features can also configure the unit dial your modem number on a
regularly scheduled basis in order to allow accumulated data to be polled. The PollCat III can
perform five different types of Callbacks:
·Scheduled Callback
·80% Full Callback
·Immediate Callback
·No-Data Alarm
·Toll Fraud Alarm
4.4.1. Define Callback Parameters
Before Callback features can be implemented, certain parameters must be defined. These
parameters include the Callback Number and other values. Callback Parameters can either be
defined by a menu driven routine, or entered in a single command line. Enter the Command
Mode and proceed as follows.
Menu Driven Parameter Entry
1. Type ^B14 and press [Enter], PollCat III will display the following prompts. Key in the
desired response for each prompt and press [Enter].
a) CALLBACK#? (Up to 64 characters) The number dialed when an 80% Full
Callback, Scheduled Callback, or Immediate Callback is generated.
b) ALARM#? (Up to 64 characters) The number dialed when a No-Data Alarm, Toll
Fraud Alarm, or Pager Test is generated.
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