4.3.1. Select/Configure Data Output Mode
Command ^B62 selects the Data Output Mode. Four different Output Modes are available:
·ASCII Record Mode (^B62,1) (Default)
·ASCII Block Mode (^B62,2)
·Binary Block Mode (^B62,3)
·XMODEM Mode (^B62,4)
Each output mode also offers additional features that can further define the data release format.
These features are discussed in the sections that follow. ASCII Record Mode (^B62,1)
The PollCat III will release one record, all records, or a user specified number of records.
Each record will consist of a line of ASCII text, terminated by the defined EOR character. The
following options are available:
·Enable/Disable Line I.D. Number (^B59)
·Select Compression Mode (^B53)
·Enable/Disable CRC Function (^B63)
To select and configure ASCII Record Mode, proceed as follows:
1. From the Command Mode, type ^B62,1 [Enter].
2. To enable or disable the Line I.D. Function, see Section 4.3.3.
3. To select the Compression Mode, see Section 4.3.4.
4. To enable or disable the CRC Function, see Section 4.3.2.
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