4.2.3. Time/Date Stamp Function
This option will insert a Time/Date stamp at the beginning of each record. The Time/Date
stamp is added when the record is stored in internal memory. To enable or disable this option,
enter the Command Mode and proceed as follows:
1. To include the Time/Date Stamp, type ^B66,2 [Enter].
2. To disable the Time/Date Stamp (Default), type
^B66,1 [Enter].
4.2.4. Enable/Disable Wrap Around Mode
When the PollCat III’s internal memory becomes full, the Wrap Around Mode allows the unit
to recycle memory by writing new data over older data. Data will be overwritten in
chronological order beginning with the oldest data items. To enable or disable this function,
enter the Command Mode and proceed as follows.
1. To enable the Wrap Around Mode, type ^B64,2 [Enter].
2. To disable the Wrap Around Mode (Default), type
^B64,1 [Enter].
Note: To determine how much of PollCat III’s internal memory is free, invoke
Command ^B21 or check the Status Screen (Command ^B16).
4.3. Define Data Output Format
The following options are discussed in this section:
·Select/Configure Data Release Mode (^B62)
·Enable/Disable CRC Function (^B63)
·Enable/Disable Line I.D. Function (^B59)
·Select Compression Mode (^B53)
·Release Data with ^B02 Command (^B54)
·Hold "END DATA" Message (^B52)
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Program Set-Up
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