Loading... Set Clock and Calendar
The clock and calendar must be correctly set in order for time dependent features, such as the
Callback Schedule, to function. Enter the Command Mode and invoke Command ^B11 using
the following format:
^B11,hh:mm,d,MM\DD\YY [Enter]
hh is the hour 00 - 23 (Military Time)
mm is the minute 00 - 59
dis the day of the week, indicated as follows:
Sunday = 1 Thursday = 5
Monday = 2 Friday = 6
Tuesday = 3 Saturday = 7
Wednesday = 4
MM is the Month 01 - 12
DD is the Date 01 - 31
YY is the Year 00 - 99
Note: When entering the date, a backslash (\) is used in place of a forward slash
character (/). PollCat III interprets the forward slash character as a command
delimiter. Set Communication Parameters
The default settings for the Computer Port and Modem Port are 8 bits, no parity, one stop bit.
The default settings for PBX Ports A and B are 7 bits, even parity, one stop bit. If your
application involves compatibility with PollCat II units, you may wish to use Commands ^B60
and ^B61 (rather than the procedure described here) to set parity for the Computer Port and
PBX Ports. Please refer to Section 10 for information on Commands ^B60 and ^B61.
If necessary, enter the Command Mode and use the following procedure to set the baud rate,
parity, data bits, and stop bits to match the device connected to each port.
To set communication parameters, proceed as follows:
1. Set Modem Port Communication Parameters: Invoke Command ^B90 using following
^B90,baudrate,parity,databits,stopbits [Enter]
baudrate Can be 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, or 57600. Only
the first two characters must be specified. If an asterisk (*) is entered,
the Modem Port will be set to the highest rate supported.
parity Can be None (N), Odd (O), or Even (E)
databits Canbe7or8.
stopbits Canbe1or2.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Program Set-Up
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