b) Local Access: If the polling device communicates via PollCat III's Computer Port,
start your communications program (e.g. ProComm).
i. If Set-Up Switch 6 is set in the UP position (enable Direct Connect), Command
Mode is now active.
ii. If Set-Up Switch 6 is DOWN (disable Direct Connect), type ^E [Enter].
PollCat III will respond with the READY message and the RDY LED will light.
iii. If Set-Up Switch 7 is UP (enable the Computer Port Password), type ^E
[Enter], the unit will respond with the PollCat III prompt. Key in the "SMDR"
password (uppercase only) and press [Enter]. PollCat III will send the READY
message and the RDY indicator will light.
Note: PollCat III will allow 10 attempts to enter the correct password. If the
correct password is not entered in 10 attempts, PollCat III will disconnect.
2. reset Parameters to Default Settings: This will ensure that you are starting with all
parameters in the default state. Type ^B50,2 and press [Enter].
3. Clear Memory: This will clear any data stored in memory. Type ^B39,2 and press
4. Display System Status: Type ^B16 [Enter] to display the Status Screen, which lists the
current state of all PollCat III options and parameters.
4.1.2. Set General Parameters
This section describes how to configure and enable the following basic features:
·Select Duplex Mode (^B68)
·Set Clock and Calendar (^B11)
·Set Communication Parameters for Computer Port, Modem Port and PBX Ports A and B
(^B90, ^B91, ^B92, and ^B93). Select Duplex Mode
Command ^B68 determines whether Half Duplex (no echo) or Full Duplex (echo) will be used
when PollCat III communicates with the polling device. During initial set-up, it may be
helpful to select Full Duplex. This allows keystrokes to appear on your display monitor. After
configuring the unit, make certain to return the Duplex Mode to the desired setting.
1. To set PollCat III for Full Duplex, enter the Command Mode and type ^B68,2 [Enter].
2. To set PollCat III for Half Duplex (Default), enter the Command Mode and type ^B68,1
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Program Set-Up
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