4. Program Set-Up
This Section describes how to configure the PollCat III firmware to fit your specific
application. In addition, this Section also describes many of PollCat III's optional features, and
explains how they can be used to maximize the efficiency of your installation.
Although PollCat III provides a substantial assortment of optional program features, it is not
necessary to include all of these features in the configuration of your system. When the unit is
shipped from the factory, all options are set to the defaults listed in Section 10. These defaults
are designed to fit the needs of most call accounting applications. However, it is often helpful
to reconfigure certain options in order to better adapt the PollCat III for a specific application.
Note that Command ^B16 can be invoked at any time to display the Status Screen in order to
determine the current state of any command.
4.1. Initial Set-Up
Prior to configuring the PollCat III, the following steps must be performed in order to set-up
some basic features and prepare for first time operation.
·Reset Default Parameters
·Clear Memory
·Select Duplex Mode
·Set System Clock and Calendar
·Modify Communication Parameters (Optional)
4.1.1. Reset Default Parameters / Clear Memory
1. Access the Command Mode.
a) Access Via Modem: If the polling device communicates with PollCat III via modem,
start your communications program (e.g. ProComm) and dial the PollCat III. The unit
will respond with the "PollCat III" prompt about two seconds after carrier is detected.
Key in the "SMDR" password (uppercase only) and press [Enter]. PollCat III will
respond with the READY message and the RDY indicator will light.
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