3.2.2. Modem Port
The Modem Port provides two RJ11 jacks. The "Line" jack is used for connection to an outside
telephone line. The "Phone" jack is not used. When an outside phone line is connected to the
Modem Port, PollCat III can be managed and polled from a remote PC via modem. Connect
your outside telephone line to the Line (or Telco) Port.
3.2.3. Computer Port
The Computer Port (Control Port) is used for connection to a local PC. After installation is
complete, the local PC can manage and poll the PollCat III unit. Make certain to use a data
cable that is compatible with the Computer Port Interface, as described in Appendix C.
Note: When PollCat III is controlled via the Computer Port (Local Access), the
unit will constantly monitor the DTR line. If the DTR line is lost, any command in
progress will be aborted, and the port will disconnect. In this case, the DTR line
performs a function, that is comparable to the DCD line at the Modem Port.
3.3. Connect the AC Power Cable
After all connections have been made, plug the supplied power cable into the power cable
receptacle on PollCat III's back panel. Make certain the AC Switch is set for the appropriate
voltage, and attach the cable to a power outlet. Place the AC Power Switch in the ON position
to apply power, the ON indicator will light and the RDY indicator will flash.
If you have changed the settings for Set-Up Switches 1 through 5, Switch 8 should
be set in the UP position (enable Power Up Default) before the unit is powered up.
This allows default communication parameters (defined by the Set-Up Switches)
to take effect when PollCat III is powered up.
After you have accessed the Command Mode and finished configuring the unit
with command selected parameters, you may wish to return Switch 8 to the
DOWN position. This will cause PollCat III to return to the command selected
parameters whenever the unit is powered off and on.
When Switch 8 is set in the UP position (enable Power Up Default) and there is an
interruption in power, baud rates will return to the default values selected by Set-
Up Switches 1 through 5.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Hardware Installation
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