3.2. Connecting the Data Cables and Telephone Line
Prior to installing cables, you will need to select a method for access to PollCat III's Command
Mode, and decide where alarms and callbacks will be directed.
Command Mode Access: The Command Mode allows the user to manage PollCat III's various
features and poll data received from the PBX. There are three possible cable configurations:
·Local Access: PollCat III is managed by a local PC connected by cable to the Computer
·Remote Access: PollCat III is managed by a remote PC that communicates with the unit
via modem.
·Both Local and Remote Access: PollCat III can be managed by a local PC, or by a
remote PC. Note that only one Access method can be used at a time.
Alarm Notification: When an alarm or callback is generated, PollCat III offers several
methods to notify the user. There are three possible cable configurations for alarm
·Local Notification: Alarms are sent by cable to a local PC.
·Remote Notification: Alarms are sent via modem to a remote PC or Pager.
·Combination of Methods: Alarms are sent to a local PC, or a remote PC or pager. The
PollCat III cannot be configured to simultaneously provide both local, remote, and pager
alarm notification. Providing the proper cabling and hardware is present, Command ^B87
can be used to switch notification methods as needed.
The cable layout for your system will be determined by the access and notification methods
selected. Determine which method(s) will be used, refer to the diagram in Appendix B and
install data cables and telephone line as outlined in the following sections.
CAUTION: Prior to connecting data lines, make certain the cables are
compatible with PollCat III. Please refer to the interface pin-out information
in Appendix C.
3.2.1. PBX Inputs A and B
The PBX Inputs are used for connection to your PBX SMDR Ports. PollCat III includes two
PBX Inputs to allow the unit to receive call data from two separate PBX units. Make certain to
use data cables that are compatible with the PBX Input Port Interface, as described in
Appendix C.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Hardware Installation
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