Cmd. Description / Options
^B21 Display Remaining Memory Space
^B22 Display Memory Size / PBX Port Baud Rate
^B23 Display Battery Status
^B24 Display Set-Up Switch Status
^B25 Clear Memory to Partition
^B25 Clear both Data and Alarm Records in Current Memory Partition
^B25,D Clear Only Data Records in Current Partition
^B25,A Clear Only Alarm Records in Current Partition
^B27 Send Continuous Test Message
^B28 Enter Echo Test Mode
^B29 Enter Pass-Through Mode
^B29,A Access PBX Port A
^B29,B Access PBX Port B
^B30 Exit to Command Mode
^B37 Load and Test Memory
^B38 Re-read Memory Test Pattern
^B39 Clear Records/Blocks
^B39 Clear All Records/Blocks, Leave Alarm Clue Counters Intact
^B39,2 Clear All Records/Blocks, and Reset Alarm Clue Counters to Zero
^B40 Define Data Filter Format
^B41 Display Data Filter Format
^B42 Define Data Filter Parameters
^B43 Display Data Filter Parameters
^B44 Define Alarm Filter Format
^B45 Display Alarm Filter Format
^B50 Reset Options to Default Settings
^B50 Reset Options to Default Settings
^B50,2 Reset Options to Default Settings, and Erase All Formats,
Filter Parameters, and Alarm Clues
^B52 Hold END DATA Message
^B52,1 Release END DATA Message (Default)
^B52,2 Hold END DATA Message until ^B02 is Received
^B53 Select Compression Mode
^B53,1 Compressed
^B53,2 Decompressed (Default)
^B54 Release Data with ^B02 Command
^B54,1 Release 1st Group of Records or Blocks without
^B02 Command (Default)
^B54,2 Wait for ^B02 Command
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Appendices
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