E. LED Indicators
The LED indicators on the PollCat III front panel can be used to determine instrument status as
indicated in the table below.
Indicator(s) Status Meaning
ON Lit Power is applied to unit
RDY Slow Flash Unit is operational
RDY Lit Command Mode is active
RDY Lit at all
Unit is configured for Direct Connect (Communication via
Computer Port)
RXD Flash Commands are being received via Computer Port
MEM Flash Memory is 80% full
MEM Lit Memory is 100% full
BAT Lit Battery needs replacement
ALM Lit Toll Fraud Alarm or No-Data Alarm has been triggered
OH Lit Modem is Off Hook
DCD Lit Modem has Data Carrier Detect
PBX INPUT A Flash Data is being received by PBX Port A
PBX INPUT B Flash Data is being received by PBX Port B
DCD and OH Flash Possible problem with modem
DCD and OH Flash Set-Up Switch 6 has been set in the DOWN position and there is
no modem present.
MEM and ALM Flash upon
Power Up
No memory SIMMS have been installed.
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