D.4. Connection
1. PollCat III Prompt: When PollCat III is contacted via modem, the unit will now wait
two seconds after detecting the modem carrier (DCD) before displaying the PollCat III
2. Password Entry: The password entry routine has been modified to allow only 10
attempts to enter the correct password. If the correct password is not entered within 10
attempts, PollCat III will disconnect.
D.5. Other Modified or Eliminated Commands
1. List Options Commands: The List Options commands (^B51 and ^B74) are no longer
2. XON/XOFF Function: Command ^B57 (Enable/Disable XON/XOFF Function) now
defaults to "OFF" (^B57,2).
3. Pass-Through Mode (Command ^B29): The Pass-Through mode has been modified to
use hardware handshaking at the PBX inputs. This may result in a hardware line drop
when the buffer becomes full.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Appendices
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