D. PollCat II Compatibility
This section discusses issues that should be considered when using PollCat III with polling
and/or call accounting software originally created for use with the PollCat II.
Although PollCat III's data storage and retrieval related features are identical to those found in
the PollCat II, other features not related to storage and retrieval have changed. This list
summarizes those features.
Note: This section does not discuss all of the new features incorporated in the
PollCat III. The changes described here represent only the items that may effect
compatibility with software designed for PollCat II.
D.1. Alarm Filter (Toll Fraud Detection)
PollCat II's Alarm Filter has been replaced with a more sophisticated Alarm Filter that provides
an impressive array of additional capabilities. For a detailed description of the PollCat III
Alarm Filter, please refer to Section 7 in this User's Guide. Note the following compatibility
related issues:
1. Commands ^B46 and ^B47: Commands ^B46 (Define Alarm Filter Parameters) and
^B47 (Display Alarm Filter Parameters) have been eliminated.
2. Callback Parameters: The order of prompts for Command ^B14 (define Callback
Parameters) has been changed. Several new prompts have been added to allow definition
of an Alarm Number and three different Pager I.D. Numbers.
3. Default Redials: The default number of Redials under Command ^B14 (Define Callback
Parameters) has been reduced from 16 to 4.
D.2. Port Modifications
1. PBX Port (Input): The PollCat III now features two PBX Input Ports, allowing the unit
to be connected to two separate PBX's.
a) Communication Parameters: To maintain compatibility with PollCat II, Command
^B61 (PBX Port Communication Parameters) is still supported. Note that Command
^B61 will set the same parameters for both PBX Ports. To set separate parameters for
the two PBX Ports, please refer to Commands ^B92 and ^B93 in Section 10,
Command Reference Guide.
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