A.2.1.7. Calls From a Particular Extension
This type of clue could have a variety of different applications, including the following:
·Counting calls placed by an individual salesperson in order to determine productivity.
·Counting calls placed at a publicly accessible extension such as a phone in the lobby or
·Counting calls made from an extension where you don't expect to see call activity, such as
an empty office.
The clue will be named "EXT087" and the critical counter value will be set at 100 calls.
|10:25|087|J.DOE |OUT|5554444 |11:12|00.30|
Where Bis the field that lists the extension number used to place or receive the call.
Clue Definition:
EXT087 is the Alarm Clue name.
100 is the number of calls required to generate an alarm.
B=087 Tells PollCat III to count calls placed from extension "087".
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Appendices
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