A.2.1.4. Unusual International Calls
This Alarm Clue counts calls to countries where your company doesn't normally conduct
business. This type of call could indicate that a hacker has obtained an access code for an
outside line and is using the line to call other countries. This type of call is fairly easy to
detect if you can pinpoint countries where your company doesn't normally conduct business.
The clue will be named "COLUMBIA" and the critical counter value will be set at 3 calls.
Assume you have configured the PollCat III for Pager (Alpha) alarm notification, and you want
to use Pager I.D. numbers one and two.
|07:48|013|J.SMITH |OUT|011575551234 |51:35|44.50|
Where Dis the field that lists the number dialed.
Clue Definition:
COLUMBIA is the Alarm Clue name.
[12] is the Pager I.D. Number specifier. In this case, the clue will use
PAGER ID#1 and PAGER ID#2 for alarm notification.
3is the number of calls required to generate an alarm.
D=01157-- Tells PollCat III to count calls where the first five digits of the number dialed
are "01157". These numbers represent the first five digits dialed for calls
placed to Columbia. The remaining 2 digits of the variable are entered as
wild card characters (-).
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