3.1.2. Default Baud Rate for PBX Input Ports A and B (Sw4, Sw5)
Set-Up Switches Four and Five select the default Baud Rate for PBX Ports A and B. After the
PollCat III is installed, Commands ^B92 and ^B93 can also be used to redefine the baud rates
for PBX Ports A and B.
Baud Switch 4 Switch 5
9600 * Down Down
4800 Up Down
1200 Down Up
300 Up Up
* = Factory Setting
3.1.3. Direct Connect Mode (Sw6)
When PollCat III is managed by a local PC connected directly to the Computer Port, the Direct
Connect Mode eliminates the need to invoke the ^E command in order to access Command
Mode. If Direct Connect Mode is enabled, and the unit is accessed via the Computer Port, the
Command Mode will always be active.
·Switch6=UP(Enable Direct Connect Mode): The internal modem is disabled and ^E is
not required in order to enter Command Mode via the Computer Port. The unit will not
perform tasks such as paging, alarm callouts, and
remote polling.
·Switch 6 = DOWN (Disable Direct Connect Mode): The modem functions normally, and
the ^E command is required in order to access Command Mode via the Computer Port.
Note: If the Computer Port Password is enabled (Sw7 = UP), the /^E command
will be required, regardless of the position of Switch 6.
Switch 6 Direct Connect Mode
Down * ^E Required, Modem Enabled
Up ^E Not Required, Modem Disabled
* = Factory Setting
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Hardware Installation
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