A.2.1.1. Repeated Attempts to Access Voice Mail
This Alarm Clue counts short calls to voice mail. This type of call could indicate that a Toll
Fraud hacker is dialing into your voice mail and randomly trying access codes in an attempt to
find an outside line.
The clue will be named "VMAIL" and the critical counter value will be set at 50 calls. Assume
you have configured the PollCat III for Pager (Alpha) alarm notification, and you want to use
Pager I.D. numbers one and three.
|08:17|001|VMAIL |IN | |00:08|00.00|
Cis the user name.
Eis the call duration.
Clue Definition:
VMAIL is the Alarm Clue Name.
[13] is the Pager I.D. Number specifier. In this case, the clue will use
PAGER ID#1 and PAGER ID#3 for alarm notification.
50 is the number of calls required to generate an alarm.
C=VMAIL Tells PollCat III to count calls with the text "VMAIL" in the
user name field (C).
*is the "AND" operator.
E<=00:30 Tells PollCat III to count calls which last 30 seconds or less.
Note: When the comparative operators (>,<,>=, and <=) are used, the clue may
also count headers, summaries, and other non-data. Refer to Appendix A.3 for
instructions on how to avoid counting these items.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Appendices
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