A.2. Alarm Clue Definition
This section contains examples of relatively complex Alarm Clues that simultaneously monitor
several fields of each call record.
In order to detect the precise characteristics of a specific type of call, it is usually necessary to
cross reference several fields of the call record. For example, to count long distance calls over
20 minutes long, placed after 7:00 pm, the clue definition would have to include the number
dialed, call duration, and call time.
If the definition is not carefully planned and analyzed, clues can miss records which they were
supposed to catch, or count records which were supposed to be ignored.
A.2.1. Alarm Clue Examples
The following examples are based on fictional, simplified PBX record formats as shown below.
The last line in the example below represents the Alarm Filter Format for this fictional PBX.
|08:15|092|J.SMITH |OUT|19495869950 |01:15|00.40|
|08:16|089|P.BROWN |OUT|411 |00:25|00.10|
|08:16|075|B.JOHNSON |IN | |00:55|00.00|
|08:17|001|VMAIL |IN | |00:10|00.00|
|08:18|067|R.JONES |OUT|19495839514 |05:36|00.75|
|08:20|092|J.SMITH |OUT|18008547226 |01:07|00.00|
|08:21|002|WATS |IN | |00:57|00.20|
AAAAA is the time the call was placed or received (5 digits).
BBB is the extension number (3 digits).
CCCCC is the first five digits of the user name (5 digits).
DDDDDDD is the first seven digits of the number dialed (7 digits).
EEEEE is the call duration (5 digits).
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