^B95 Display EPROM Version
Displays the version number of the PollCat III EPROM. Type ^B95 [Enter]. PollCat III will
respond with a message similar to the example below.
PollCat III, Version 2.0
^B99 Save Parameter Settings
Copies PollCat III parameter settings to an ASCII text file. In the event of corruption or
erasure of parameter settings, the saved parameters can be downloaded to the unit to restore the
previous configuration.
Command ^B99 can be invoked with a variety of different options. These options are designed
to streamline the upload/download process by sending only specific parameters, and/or
combining several parameters in a single line.
When parameters are saved, the "^A" character is substituted for the "^B"
character. If the ASCII file is uploaded to the PollCat III, the ^A character allows
commands to be executed without echoing back to the polling device.
With the exception of options ^B99,* and ^B99 (plain), each set of parameters
will be listed in a single, continuous line, terminated by <CR><LF>.
Alarm Filter Parameters will only be saved when options ^B99,* and ^B99 (plain)
are invoked. Options ^B99,1 through ^B99,9 will not include Alarm Filter
Command ^B99 offers the following options:
^B99 All Parameters, Line by Line: Downloads all parameters specified in
Table 8.1. Each parameter is listed on a separate line, terminated
by <CR><LF>.
^B99,* All Parameters, Condensed: Downloads all parameters specified in Table 8.1.
Several parameters are included on each line. Each line is terminated
by <CR><LF>.
^B99,0 "00" Series Parameters: Commands ^B04 (Banner Message / Auto Execute /
Report Command) and ^B05 (EOR Character).
^B99,1 ^B12 Callback Schedule Parameters: Command ^B12 (Callback Schedule).
^B99,2 ^B14 Callback Parameters: Command ^B14 (Callback Parameters).
^B99,3 ^B15 No-Data Alarm Parameters: Command ^B15 (No-Data Alarm).
^B99,4 "40" Series Command Parameters: Commands ^B40 (Data Filter Format),
^B42 (Data Filter Parameters), and ^B44 (Alarm Filter Format).
^B99,5 "50" Series Command Parameters: Commands ^B52 (Hold "End Data"),
^B53 (Compression), ^B54 (Release Data with ^B02),
^B55 (Non-Printable Codes), ^B56 (Enable Data Filter), ^B57 (XON/XOFF),
^B58 (Response Message Type), and ^B59 (Line I.D.).
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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