^B86 Reset Alarm Clue Counters
Resets the counters for Alarm Clues as described below. Command ^B86 will completely clear
the alarm condition, Alarm Message, and the 5 minute delay timer. This allows additional
alarms to be generated immediately.
Command Options:
^B86 Clear Alarm Condition, Leave Counters Intact.
^B86,clue Clear Alarm Condition, Re-Set Counter for clue only.
^B86,* Clear Alarm Condition, Reset all Counters.
^B87 Select Alarm Notification Method
Selects the notification method used when a Toll Fraud Alarm is generated.
Command Options:
^B87,0 Alarm Off (Default)
^B87,1 Local PC, ALM LED, Alarm Port
^B87,2 Remote PC, ALM LED, Alarm Port
^B87,3 Pager (Alpha), ALM LED, Alarm Port
^B87,4 Report, ALM LED, Alarm Port
^B87,5 Pager (Numeric), ALM LED, Alarm Port
^B88 Test/Toggle ALM LED and Alarm Port
This command is used to test or toggle the ALM LED and Alarm Port. For a description of the
Alarm Port interface, please refer to Appendix C.3.
Command Options:
^B88,1 Alarm LED/Port Off (Default)
^B88,2 Alarm LED/Port On (Test)
^B89 Test Pager
To test an alphanumeric pager, type ^B89,1 [Enter], and then use Command ^B09 to exit
Command Mode. After approximately two minutes, the pager should display the Alarm
Message. In order to use this command, the Alarm Message, Alarm Number, and Pager I.D.
number(s) must be defined under command ^B14.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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