^B84 Clear Alarm Condition
Clears the Alarm Condition and cancels pending redials, without resetting the Alarm Clue
Counters or turning off the ALM LED. After Command ^B84 clears the Alarm Condition, the
Alarm Message will still include the clue name that generated the alarm.
When this command is invoked, PollCat III will start a delay timer. This prevents the unit from
sending another alarm for five minutes. To clear an alarm condition, type ^B84 [Enter].
^B85 Enable/Define Daily Reset Schedule for
Alarm Clue Counters
Enables/disables and defines the daily reset Schedule for Alarm Clue Counters.
The Daily Reset Schedule will not function if the Command Mode is active at the
time of the scheduled reset.
Alarm Clue Counters are not reset on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. Holidays
are defined using Command ^B15.
To disable the Daily Reset Schedule,
type ^B85,N [Enter].
The Reset Schedule can be defined and enabled by a menu driven routine, or entered as a single
^B85 command line.
^B85 Menu Driven:
Type ^B85 [Enter]. The following prompts will appear:
RESET TIMER (Y,N)? Type Y[Enter] to enable the reset timer, or type N[Enter] to disable.
If Yis entered the following prompt will appear.
TIME (HH:MM)? Key in the daily reset time and press [Enter], or simply press [Enter] or
[Esc] to retain the current settings.
^B85 Single Command Line:
To enable and define the Daily Reset Schedule with a single command line, use the following
^B85,Y,HH:MM [Enter]
Where HH is the hour (01 - 24), and MM is the minute (00 - 59).
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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