^B81 Define Alarm Clue
Defines the Alarm Clues that are used to detect Toll Fraud. Please refer to Section 7 for more
information. Command ^B81 uses the following format:
^B81,clue[specifier]\count\parameters [Enter]
clue is the Alarm Clue Name (up to 8 characters).
[specifier] (Optional) selects the Pager I.D. number(s) used for this clue when
Pager (Alpha) (^B87,3) is selected. Can be [1], [2], [3], or any
combination (e.g. [123]). The specifier is always enclosed in
square brackets.
count is the number of times this type of call must occur in order to generate
an Alarm (1 to 9999).
parameters is a description of call characteristics. Will always include at least one
variable, at least one operator, and alphabetic or numeric text that defines
the call characteristics.
If you attempt to define an Alarm Clue using a previously defined clue name, the
unit will display the "DUPLICATE NAME" message.
The Alarm Clue definition can be up to 232 characters long. Please refer to
Section 7 for more information.
^B82 Delete Alarm Clue(s)
Allows the user to delete Alarm Clues. Command ^B82 uses the following format:
^B82,clue [Enter]
Where clue is the name of clue you wish to delete.
To delete all defined Alarm Clues, type ^B82,* [Enter].
CAUTION: When Command ^B82 is invoked, PollCat III will delete the
specified clue(s) without asking for user verification. Deleted clues cannot be
restored, unless parameters have been saved as described in Section 8.
Command Options:
^B82,clue Delete clue
^B82,* Delete all defined Alarm Clues
^B83 Display Alarm Clue Summary
Displays a table which shows the parameter definition, maximum counter value, and current
counter value for each Alarm Clue. An asterisk (*) will appear beside any clue whose counter
has exceeded the defined maximum. The Alarm Filter must be enabled in order for clue
counters to function. To display Alarm Clue counter status, type ^B83 [Enter].
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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