^B79 Define/Display Command Mode Password
Defines and/or displays the Command Mode password. The default password is "SMDR". To
re-define the password, use the following format:
^B79,password [Enter]
Where password is the desired password (up to 12 characters). The password feature is case-
sensitive. To display the Command Mode password, type ^B79 [Enter].
CAUTION: Remember your password. Make certain that you write the
password down, and keep it secure.
Set-Up Switch 8 (Power Up Default):
Set-Up Switch 8 determines how PollCat III will react when recovering from an interruption in
power. If Switch 8 is UP, and power is lost, the password will be set to the default "SMDR".
Command Options:
^B79,password Defines password as the Command Mode password.
^B79 Displays the currently defined Command Mode password.
^B80 Define Block Size
(ASCII Block Mode Only) Determines the size of the ASCII block. Can range from 1 to 9999
characters (default = 512 characters). The command format is shown below.
^B80,block_size [Enter]
Where block_size is a number from 1 to 9999.
If the last block transmitted contains less than the set number of characters, nulls
will fill the remainder of the block.
If the CRC Option (^B63,2 ) is enabled, two extra bytes will be added to the
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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