^B73 Send Binary Information Block
(Binary Block Mode Only) Sends a binary format information block to a polling device
configured to receive Binary Block data. The information block will contain the following
Reason for Callback
Blocks Used
Bytes Free
^B75 Enable/Disable "SURE?" Prompt
When certain irreversible commands are invoked, the “SURE?” prompt will be displayed to
allow the user to verify that the command should be executed. When enabled, the prompt will
be displayed for Commands ^B25 (Clear Memory to Partition), ^B39 (Clear All Records /
Blocks), and ^B50 (Reset Options to Default Settings).
Command Options:
^B75,1 Disable "SURE? (Y,N)" Prompt (Default)
^B75,2 Enable "SURE? (Y,N)" Prompt
^B77 Define Modem Reset Message
The Modem Reset Message (AT Command String) is sent to the modem after each disconnect,
and once every five minutes when PollCat III is not online. In order to allow the PollCat III to
adapt to a variety of modems, this message can be redefined. Command ^B77 uses the
following format:
^B77,reset_message [Enter]
Where reset_message is the desired modem reset message (e.g. ATSO=1). PollCat III's
default reset message is "ATE0M0Q1&C1&D2S0=1".
^B78 Display Modem Reset Message
Displays the Modem Reset Message (AT Command String).
Type ^B78 [Enter].
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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