^B70 Select Callback Options
Selects one of three available Callback options discussed below. To clear any Callback option,
type ^B70 [Enter].
Immediate Callback (^B70,I)
The unit will dial the Callback Number (defined at the ^B14 “CALLBACK#?” prompt),
approximately five seconds after a disconnect or loss of carrier. If the number cannot be
reached, the PollCat III will perform the specified Redials and Restarts (defined under
Command ^B14). After the unit successfully contacts the Callback Number, the Immediate
Callback will be cleared.
Scheduled Callback (^B70,S)
The unit will dial the Callback Number (defined at the ^B14 “CALLBACK#?” prompt),
according to a schedule defined using Command ^B12. If the number cannot be reached within
the defined number of Redials and Restarts, the command will abort. If no records are stored
in PollCat III’s memory, the Scheduled Callback will not be performed.
80% Full Callback (^B70,%)
The PollCat III will automatically dial the Callback number (defined at the ^B14
“CALLBACK#?” prompt), when memory is 80% full. If the Callback number cannot be
reached, the unit will redial the number every five minutes until it is reached. After the unit
has contacted the Callback number, the 80% Callback parameter will not be cleared.
Command Options:
^B70,I Immediate Callback
^B70,S Scheduled Callback
^B70,% 80% Full Callback
^B70 Clear All Callback Options (Default)
^B71 Enable/Disable DLE Stuffing Option
(Binary Block Mode only) DLE stuffing allows literal 8 bit characters to be inserted into a
string of binary data. After data is released, the 8 bit characters can be retrieved and read.
Command Options:
^B71,1 Disable DLE Stuffing Option (Default)
^B71,2 Enable DLE Stuffing Option
^B72 Display Clock / Calendar Settings
Displays PollCat III's clock and calendar settings (defined by Command ^B11). Type ^B72
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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