^ B64 Enable/Disable Wrap Around Mode
When PollCat III's internal memory is full, the wrap around mode allows new data to be
written over older data. This allows PollCat III to continually recycle its memory.
While Command Mode is active, new data will not overwrite older data in the current memory
partition. Any new data will be stored on the other side of the partition. If memory is full, no
additional data will be stored while Command Mode is active.
If the XON/XOFF option is enabled (^B57,2), an XOFF will be sent to halt the flow of data
when memory is completely full and Command Mode is active. When you exit Command
Mode, an XON will be sent, the data flow will resume, and if necessary, new data will continue
to overwrite older data.
Command Options:
^B64,1 Disable Wrap Around Mode (Default)
^B64,2 Enable Wrap Around Mode
^ B65 Enable/Disable Alarm Filter (Toll Fraud Detection)
The Alarm Filter provides notification when certain types of records are received, and can also
be used to sort out specific types of call records for separate storage and retrieval. For more
information, please refer to Section 7.
Command Options:
^B65,1 Disable Alarm Filter (Default)
^B65,2 Enable Alarm Filter
^ B66 Enable/Disable Time/Date Stamp
Inserts a time/date stamp at the beginning of each record prior to storing the record. Records
that are received prior to enabling this option will not include the Time/Date Stamp. The time
and date will be listed as follows:
MM/DD hh:mm ... Call Record ...
Where: MM = Month, DD = Date, hh = Hour, mm = Minute
Command Options:
^B66,1 Disable Time/Date Stamp (Default)
^B66,2 Enable Time/Date Stamp
^ B67 Enable/Disable Auto Delete Option
(Binary Block Mode Only) When data is released to the polling device, the Auto Delete option
will automatically delete each data block after it is acknowledged as received.
Command Options:
^B67,1 Disable Auto Delete Option (Default)
^B67,2 Enable Auto Delete Option
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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