2.2. Back Panel
ÀAC Power Connector: Receptacle for AC Power Cord (included).
ÁModem Port: Includes two RJ11 jacks as described below.
LINE: For connection to a telecommunications line.
PHONE: Not Used.
ÂPower Switch: Applies AC Power to the unit.
ÃAC Switch: Selects 115 VAC or 230 VAC power source.
ÄFuse: Houses 250V, .25 AMP slow blow fuse.
ÅAlarm Port: For connection to an optional, external alarm unit. For a description of the
Alarm Port interface, please refer to Appendix C.3.
ÆSet-Up Switches: A bank of eight dip switches used to configure communication
settings, Local Access Mode, Computer Port Password, and Power Up Defaults.
ÇComputer Port: For direct cable connection between PollCat III and a local PC. The
local PC can be used for polling or management of the PollCat III unit.
ÈPBX InputsA&B:For connection to the PBX SMDR Port(s).
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Unit Description
Figure 2.2: Back Panel
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