It is a switch to select the impedance before connecting the speaker. Select the impedance to use among
4/8, 70V, 100V.
10. tEl In InPUt tERMInAl
It is a terminal to use by connecting with the telephone exchange. You can broadcast directly with the
transmitter of phone.
When a signal is input to the TEL IN input terminal, all other input signals will be lower as set by the TEL
IN priority adjustment volume and the priority adjustment volume.
11. EXtERnAl InPUt (EXt In) tERMInAl
It is an input terminal to connect the output terminal of the external device when extending the input of this
device. It is a balanced type and pin arrangements are +, -, and G.
12. InPUt tERMInAl OF InPUt 1 - 6
It is an input terminal of INPUT 1 - 6. INPUT 1 - 5 is configured with a balanced input circuit and INPUT 6 is
configured with a RCA jack.
1) Input terminal of INPUT 1 - 3
- PHANTOM switch: When turning the switch ON, DC 15 V of phantom power is supplied to use with
condenser mic input.
- INPUT GAIN volume: It is a volume to control GAIN of the input signal.
Do not use XLR jack and Euro Terminal of INPUT 1 - 3 simultaneously as they are connected from the
2) Input terminal of INPUT 4 - 5
They can be used with LINE input.
3) Input terminal of INPUT 6
Connect it with the audio source device having STEREO output.
* Do not use AUX input terminal of INPUT 6 on the front side and INPUT 6 terminal on the rear side
simultaneously as they are connected from the inside.
Refer to the following for the connection of XLR jack, Euro Terminal, and RCA jack.
Turn PHANTOM switch OFF if using the unbalanced cable.
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