2.2. Back Panel
¬RS-232 PORTS: For connection to switched devices, accepts six wire RJ11 cable. Note
that the model shown here is the CPM- 1600 (16 Ports), model CPM-800 has eight RS-
232 Ports.
Port 1 is used for communication with the CPM during set-up and configuration. When
the CPM is initialized to the default state, Port 1 is the only port with access to all CPM
Port 1 can either be connected to a PC or modem. Connection to a modem allows the
CPM to be controlled by a remote PC.
SETUP Switches: A bank of eight dip switches, used to set baud rate, handshake,
response message type, port mode, and duplex mode.
®FUSE: Use only 250 V 1/8 amp slo blo fuse
¯AC: 115/220 V AC Selector Switch
°Power Switch: Applies AC Power to unit.
±LINE: Receptacle for AC Power Cord (included).
CPM Series - Control Port Managers, User's Guide Unit Description
Figure 2.2: Instrument Back Panel (Model CPM-16 Shown)
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