2. Unit Description
2.1. Front Panel
¬CLEAR: Used to restart the CPM operating program without changing user-selected
parameter settings or breaking port connections.
ON: Lights when AC Power is applied to the unit.
®SET: Used to initialize the CPM to the defaults specified by Setup Switch configuration.
To initialize the CPM, press and hold both the SET button and the CLEAR button, release
only the CLEAR button, and then release the
SET button.
Note: When the CPM is initialized, all command-selected parameters will be
cleared, and the CPM will revert to the default parameters specified by the current
Set-Up Switch configuration.
¯RDY: Flashes to indicate the unit is operational.
°ACTIVITY: The Activity LEDs light to indicate that a corresponding port is receiving
data. Note that the model shown here is the CPM-1600 (16 ports), model CPM-800 has
eight Activity indicators.
Figure 2.1: Instrument Front Panel
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