CPM-1600 and CPM-800
This User's Guide discusses both the CPM-1600 and CPM-800 Control Port Managers. The
CPM-1600 includes 16 ports, and the CPM-800 includes eight ports. All other features
function identically.
Typographic Conventions
Throughout this manual, typefaces and characters have been used to denote the following:
^(e.g. ^E) Indicates a key combination used to invoke a command. For example, the
text "^A" (Control A) indicates the [Ctrl] key and the [A] key must be
pressed simultaneously.
COURIER FONT Indicates characters typed on the keyboard.
For example, /^E or /P 02.
[Bold Font] Text set in bold face and enclosed in square brackets, indicates a specific
key. For example, [Enter] or [Esc].
< > Indicates required keyboard entries:
For Example: /P <n>
[ ] Indicates optional keyboard entries.
For Example: /W [n]
CPM Series - Control Port Managers, User's Guide Introduction
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