A.3. Cables
The following 6-wire, straight wired RJ11 cables are available from WTI.
Part No. Length Part No. Length
AC-5 5 ft. AC-50 50 ft.
AC-10 10 ft. AC-100 100 ft.
AC-15 15 ft. AC-150 150 ft.
AC-25 25 ft. RJC-6 Extension Cable Coupler
The CPM will accept any 6-wire, straight wired RJ11 cables. Do not use standard crossover
(phone) cables. Refer to the Figure below to determine if your cable is straight wired, or
Note: Make sure your baud rate / cable combinations do not exceed the speed /
lengths shown below:
Baud 9600 19.2K 38.4K
Feet 750 500 300
CPM Series - Control Port Managers, User's Guide Appendices
Figure A.6: Straight Cables
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