1. Introduction
WTI's CPM-1600 and CPM-800 Control Port Managers provide a cost effective means for
control and management of network hardware without SNMP in-band restrictions. Both
models allow on-site or remote communication with any piece of equipment with an RS-232
command port. Devices can be accessed without the need to travel to the installation site, even
when your network is down.
Versatile Connectivity
The CPM provides a practical solution for applications that require communication between
devices operating at dissimilar baud rates. Up to 16 different devices can be connected to the
CPM without the need to select a common baud rate. Each port can be individually configured
for specific baud rates, parity, handshaking format, and various other parameters and options.
Easy Set-Up and Operation
Configuration of the CPM is simple. A convenient menuing system is used to select
communications parameters, and enable or disable options. The CPM can be easily configured
to fit the requirements of almost any data communications application.
Limited Command Access
The CPM is ideal for situations that require limited access to important commands. Each port
can be individually configured to allow access to all commands (Administrator), or only allow
access to basic commands (User).
Modular Design
RJ11 jacks and RS-232 Modular Adapters allow for quick, easy connection to computers,
modems, and other LAN hardware. The CPM is compact and takes only one rack unit (1.75
inches) of vertical rack space.
Buffered Ports
The CPM has 256KB or 512KB of non-volatile, dynamically allocated buffer memory. This
prevents data overflow during communication between two ports operating at dissimilar baud
Modem Communication
The CPM can either be controlled by a local PC that communicates with the unit via cable, or
controlled via modem by a remote PC. ProComm® (or another communications program) is
used to send commands to connect ports or display status. All devices connected to the CPM
have access to the modem. Modem ports are password protected to restrict unauthorized access
to connected devices.
Configuration Backup
Once you have configured the CPM to fit the requirements of your application, parameters and
options can be sent to an ASCII text file and saved for future retrieval. If configuration is
accidentally altered or deleted, parameters can be reloaded using your terminal emulation
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