Connect (/C)
Establishes a bi-directional connection between two ports. There are two different types of
CPM port connections:
·Resident Connect: If the /C command specifies one port name or number, the CPM will
connect your resident port with the specified port.
·Third Party Connect: If the /C command specifies two port numbers or names, the CPM
will connect the two ports indicated by the command. Note that a Third Party Connect
command must be issued from a third port, which has been granted access to "All" CPM
commands. Ports which have been configured for "Basic" command capability cannot
perform a Third Party Connect.
Command Availability: All (Administrator) / Basic (User)
Command Format: /C <n> [n] [Enter]
Where nis the number or name of the port(s) to be connected.
CPM Response:
Terse: 1
Resident Connect: To connect your resident port to Port 16, access the CPM Command Mode
and type:
/C 16 [Enter]
Third Party Connect: To connect Port 12 to Port 14, access the CPM Command Mode from a
third port with "All" command capability and type the following:
/C 12 14 [Enter]
CPM Series - Control Port Managers, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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