8.3. Command Summary
The chart below summarizes all available CPM Commands:
Command Availability
Function Command Syntax
Wake-up /^E [Enter] XX
Sleep /X [Enter] XX
Help /H [Enter] XX
Status /S [Enter] XX
Who (View Port Parameters /W [n] [Enter] XX
Connect /C <n> [n] [Enter] XXË
Resident DisconnectÌ[Enter]+++[Enter] XX
Third Party DisconnectÍ/D[/Y] <n> [n] [Enter]
/D[/Y] * [Enter]
Erase Buffer /E[/Y] <n> [Enter]
/E[/Y] * [Enter]
Initialize /I[/Y] [Enter] X
Enter Site ID /F [Enter] X
Read Site ID /J [Enter] XX
Set Port Parameters /P <n> [Enter] X
Read Port Parameters /U [Enter] X
ÊA port with "Basic" command capability cannot view parameters for a port configured for
the Modem Mode. This prevents passwords from being displayed.
ËA port with "Basic" command capability can perform a Resident Connect, but cannot
perform a Third Party Connect.
ÌResident Disconnect: Used to disconnect your resident port from another port. Note that
the Disconnect Sequence can be redefined via the Port Configuration Menu (/P).
ÍThird Party Disconnect: Used to disconnect two or more non-resident ports. Must be
issued from a third port with "All" command capability.
CPM Series - Control Port Managers, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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