7.2. Restoring Saved Parameters
This section describes the procedure for using ProComm to send stored parameters to the CPM
1. Start ProComm and access the CPM Command Mode. Press the [Page Up] key to
activate ProComm's Upload menu.
2. Select (A) ASCII. The system will display a prompt which reads "ASCII UPLOAD -
Please enter the file name".
3. Key in the name of the ASCII text file with the stored parameters using the full path and
drive designation and press [Enter]. For example, C:\CPM.PAR [Enter].
4. ProComm will send the ASCII text file to the CPM and saved parameters will be restored.
When ProComm has finished sending parameters to the CPM, press [Esc] to terminate
ProComm's Upload mode.
5. Type /S and press [Enter], the CPM's Status Screen will be displayed. Check the Status
Screen to make certain the CPM has been configured with the saved parameters.
CPM Series - Control Port Managers, User's Guide Saving Configuration Parameters
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