5.3.2. Port Modes
The CPM offers two port operation modes; the Any-to-Any Mode and the Modem Mode. The Any-To-Any Mode
When the Any-to-Any Mode is selected, the CPM will respond to ASCII commands to connect
that port to any other port. All CPM ports can be configured for the Any-to-Any Mode.
When a port is configured for the Any-to-Any Mode, a password will not be required in order
to access the Command Mode. In addition, the port will not send the defined Modem Reset
Message or Hang-Up Message. The Modem Mode
The Modem Mode allows the port to be connected to an external modem. A port configured
for Modem Mode can also perform all of the functions normally available in the Any-to-Any
Mode. Only Ports 1 and 2 can be configured for the Modem Mode.
In addition to allowing data transfer, the Modem Mode also provides several functions
specifically related to modem communication. When the Modem Mode is selected, the user
can also define a password to restrict remote access to the Command Mode. When the CPM is
contacted via modem, the unit will prompt the caller to enter the password. The CPM allows
three attempts to enter the password. If the correct password is not entered in three attempts,
or if the user does not respond to the password prompt within 30 seconds, the CPM will
disconnect and reset the modem.
The Modem Mode also allows redefinition of the Modem Reset Message and Hang-Up
Message. Although the default reset and hang-up messages are compatible with most modems,
these messages can be re-defined when necessary.
Note that a modem can also be connected to a CPM port configured for the Any-to-Any Mode,
providing the modem does not require an externally supplied reset message or hang-up
When using the Modem Mode, note the following:
·The SA-25 Snap Adapter allows correct transfer of DCD and handshaking signals. When
using the SA-25, the DSR signal from the modem must be high in order to pull up the DTR
·When a modem is connected to the CPM, other connected devices can use the modem for
calling out. To call out from the modem, invoke the /C command to connect to the port,
and access the modem as you normally would.
CPM Series - Control Port Managers, User's Guide Configuration
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