4.2. Connecting a Modem to the CPM
The CPM can either be controlled by a local PC that communicates with the unit via cable, or
controlled by a remote PC that communicates via modem.
The CPM's Modem Mode provides several useful options that can be employed when the unit is
controlled via modem. The Modem Mode, which is only available on CPM Ports 1 and 2,
provides password protected access to the Command Mode, and allows the user to re-define the
Modem Reset Message and Hang-Up Message.
An external modem can also be connected to any other CPM port, providing the
modem does not require password protection, or an externally generated reset
message or hang-up message.
The Modem Mode can also provide password protected access to the Command
Mode when the CPM is controlled by a local device that communicates with the
unit via cable.
Regardless of whether the unit will be controlled via cable or modem, the Control Device
should communicate with the CPM via Port 1. This allows access to the unit if the CPM is
initialized to default parameters. In the default state, Port 1 is the only port with access to all
CPM commands. After the CPM has been installed and configured, Port 2 can also be
connected to a modem to allow remote access to the Command Mode.
To connect a modem to the CPM, proceed as follows:
1. Install the SA-25M Snap Adapter (included with the unit) in the modem's serial port.
2. Connect a six wire, straight wired RJ11 cable from the Snap Adapter to CPM Port 1.
Refer to Appendix A for information on Snap Adapters and straight wired cables.
4.3. Initialize the Unit to Default Settings
If Setup Switch configuration has been changed while the CPM is powered on, the unit must be
initialized in order for the new switch configuration to take effect.
Caution: When the CPM is initialized, the unit will revert to the parameters
specified by the current Set-Up Switch configuration. Any command-selected
parameters will be lost.
1. Simultaneously press the SET button and CLEAR button, located on the face of the CPM
2. Release the CLEAR button, wait one second, and then release the SET button.
CPM Series - Control Port Managers, User's Guide Hardware Installation
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