4.1.2. Default Handshake (Sw4)
The default handshake format should be set to match the device attached to CPM Port 1. Setup
Switch 4 can select either DTR (hardware) or XON/XOFF handshaking.
After the CPM has been installed, the port configuration command (/P) can also be used to
select both DTR and XON/XOFF handshaking, or no handshaking. The /P command can select
a different handshaking format for each port.
Switch 4 Handshake
Down DTR *
* = Factory Default
4.1.3. Default Response Message Format (Sw5)
The CPM can respond with either verbose (English text) or terse (numeric / abbreviated )
messages. Both terse and verbose response messages are summarized in Section 8.2.
After the unit has been installed, the /P command can also set the response message format to
"none" (Quiet Mode). When the Quiet Mode is selected, the CPM will not send messages in
response to commands. The /P command can select a different Response Message Format for
each port.
Switch 5 Response Message Type
Down Verbose (English Text) *
Up Terse (abbreviated / numeric)
* = Factory Default
4.1.4. Default Command Echo (Sw7)
Switch Seven enables or disables the Command Echo. When enabled, characters sent to the
CPM will be echoed back to the control device.
After the CPM is installed, the /P command can individually select the Command Echo Mode
for each port.
Switch 7 Command Echo
Down Disable*
Up Enable
* = Factory Default
If the Setup Switch configuration is changed while the unit is powered on, the
new configuration will not take effect until the CPM is initialized. The CPM can
be initialized by invoking the /I command, or by pressing and holding the CLEAR
and SET keys, releasing the CLEAR key, and then releasing the SET key.
Setup Switches 6 and 8 are not used.
CPM Series - Control Port Managers, User's Guide Hardware Installation
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