PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
8.4.2. The "Contains String" Operator
The "Contains String" Operator ($) is used to search an entire variable field
for a given value or text string, without regard for the item's position within
the field.
For example, assume the variable "A" represents the first eleven characters
in the "Number Dialed" field as shown in Figure 8.4. If Match Parameters
are defined as "A$714", then the VIP will search all eleven digits of
the field. This Data Filter would match any record that contains "714"
anywhere in the phone number, including records where "714" is the area
code, and records where 714 is part of the number dialed.
8.5. Real-Time Variables
Data Filter Clues can also include Real-Time variables that monitor the
VIP's internal clock and calendar
Real-Time variables do not use the Data Filter Format, or monitor the
contents of the call record. When Real-Time variables are used, the VIP
will check its internal clock and calendar as each record is received. If the
time and/or date matches the Clue definition, the call is flagged and stored
or rejected as specified by the Data Filter Action prompt. The VIP's internal
clock, rather than the contents of the call record, determines whether the
record is stored or rejected.
The following Real-Time variables can be used to monitor the internal
clock and calendar.
Note: Real-Time variables are always entered as lowercase
t Time: Tells the VIP to determine the time each record is received.
Time is entered in "HH:MM" format, where HH is the hour (00 - 23),
and MM is the minute (00 - 59).
w Day of the Week: Tells the VIP to determine the day of the week
when the record is received. The day of the week is entered as a single
digit, where 1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday, 3 = Tuesday, 4 = Wednesday,
5 = Thursday, 6 = Friday, and 7 = Saturday.
d Date: Tells the VIP to determine the date the record is received. The
date is entered in "MM/DD" format, where MM is the month
(01 - 12) and DD is the date (01 - 31).
|08:16|075|B.JOHNSON |OUT|17145551212 |00:55|00.00|
|08:18|067|R.JONES |OUT|19495557714 |05:36|00.75|
|08:20|092|J.SMITH |OUT|18007140000 |11:15|00.00|
Figure 8.4: The “Contains String” Operator Example
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