The Data Filters
Clues are defined using item 4 on the Data Filter Configuration Menu
(Figure 8.1). Each Clue will usually include the following:
Variable(s): One or more variables from the Data Filter Format,
which designate the field(s) to be monitored. For example, the
variable may represent the call record field for the number dialed.
Operator(s): One or more of the logical or comparative operators
described in Section 8.4.
Parameter(s): A description of call characteristics used as the criteria
for storage or rejection. For example, specific numbers or area codes
for which records will not be stored.
To define Data Filter clues, proceed as follows:
1. Access the Data Filter Configuration Menu.
2. Data Filter Action: Type 1 and press [Enter] to specify whether the
filter will store or reject records that match Clue Parameters.
3. Define Clues: Type 4 and press [Enter] to define parameters that will
be used as the criteria for storage or rejection. The Define/Edit Clue
menu will appear.
a) Clue Name: From the Clue Definition menu, type 1 and press
[Enter] to assign a Clue Name. This name can be used to
reference a specific clue when altering or deleting clues.
b) Match Parameters: Type 2 and press [Enter] to define the
criteria for storage or rejection. Match Parameters consist of one
or more variable(s) from the Data Filter Format, one of the logical
operators discussed in Section 8.4, and the value that will be
matched (e.g. the number dialed).
Example: If the Data Filter Format assigns "A" to represent the
call record field for the number dialed, then A=5551212 tells the
VIP to check this field for the number 555-1212.
c) Match Parameters may reference several variables, may include
logical operators, and may also include logical "AND/OR"
conditions. Please refer to the examples in Section 8.7.
4. Display Clue Details: Item 3 can be used to review clue parameters.
Type 3 and press [Enter], the VIP will list all defined clue names.
Key in the name of the desired clue and press [Enter]; parameters for
the specified clue will be displayed.
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