Status Screens
Alarm Filter: The Alarm Filter that is currently selected for this port.
Store Alarm Data: Indicates where the VIP will store alarm data
received via this port. Alarm Records can be stored in the Alarm File,
the Standard (non-alarm) File, or both.
Data Filter: The Data Filter that is currently selected for this port.
PBX Inactivity Alarm: When properly configured and enabled, the
PBX Inactivity Alarm will notify you when there is an interruption in
the flow of data to this port.
7.19. Alarm Filter Clue Status Screens
These screens list the status of clues for each of the two Alarm Filters at
each available VIP input port. Note that NLJ-VIP units do not include
PBX Port B or the AUX Port. The Alarm Filter Clue Status Screens
(Figure 7.20) list the following:
Clue Name: The name of each defined clue for this Alarm Filter.
Threshold Count: The number of times that this clue must be
matched in order to generate an alarm.
Match Count: The number of times this event has occurred since the
last counter reset.
Alarm Status: The status of the last alarm generated by each clue as
Pending: The alarm is still waiting to be sent
Success: The alarm has already been sent.
Failure: The unit was not able to send the Alarm
Dashes (---): No Alarm has been generated.
PollCat NetLink-VIP Version 1.06 11/23/2005 Wed 14:47 0% Full
Clue Name Threshold Count Match Count Alarm Status
test_f1_1 35 1 ---
test_f1_2 20 0 ---
test_f1_3 15 3 ---
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Figure 7.20: Alarm Filter Clue Status Screen (PBX Port A, Alarm Filter 1 Shown)
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