PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
7.13. Auxiliary Port Status Screen
This screen lists parameters for the Auxiliary Port. Parameters are selected
via the Port Configuration menu (Section 5.4.2).
Note: NLJ-VIP units do not include the AUX Port.
Communication Settings: Lists Baud Rate, Parity, Data Bits, Stop
Bits, and Handshake Mode for the Auxiliary Port.
Input Parameters: Lists input parameters for this port:
Time Date Stamp: When enabled, the time and date will be
inserted into records received via this port.
Serial Number Stamp: When enabled, a serial number will be
inserted into records received via this port.
Strip Non-Print: When enabled, the VIP will remove non-printable
characters from all records received via this port.
End Character: The selected End-of-Record character for
this port.
Alarm Filter: The Alarm Filter selected for this port.
Store Alarm Data: Indicates where the VIP will store alarm
records received via this port.
Data Filter: The Data Filter selected for this port.
PBX Inact Alarm: The PBX Inactivity Alarm selected for
this port.
Port Mode: The selected operation mode for the AUX Port; either
Store Data or Discard Data.
PollCat NetLink-VIP Version 1.06 11/08/2005 Tue 11:43 1% Full
Com Settings: 9600,E,7,1,None
Time/Date Stamp: Off
Serial # Stamp: Off
Strip Non-Print: On
End Character: ^J
Alarm Filter: None
Store Alarm Data: Alarm
Data Filter: None
PBX Inact Alarm: None
Port Mode: Store Data
Press <Enter> to return to menu ...
Figure 7.14: Auxiliary Port Screen
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