Status Screens
7.10. Input Contact Alarm Status Screen
As shown in Figure 7.11, this screen shows the status of the Input Contact
Alarms described in Section 12. The Status Screen lists the following:
Note: The Input Contact feature is optional on NetLink-VIP units,
and is not available on NLJ-VIP units.
Contact Alarms (1 - 4): Indicates if the Input Contact Alarm is
enabled for the corresponding Input Terminal.
Trigger Levels (1 - 4): Lists the contact state that will trigger an
alarm at the corresponding Input Terminal.
PollCat NetLink-VIP Version 1.06 11/08/2005 Tue 11:41 1% Full
Contact 1 Alarm: Off
Trigger Level 1: Low
Contact 2 Alarm: Off
Trigger Level 2: High
Contact 3 Alarm: Off
Trigger Level 3: Low
Contact 4 Alarm: Off
Trigger Level 4: High
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Figure 7.11: Input Contact Alarm Status Screen
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