Status Screens
Output Contacts: (Optional - Not available on NLJ-VIP units)
A "C" indicates the contact will be closed, an "O" indicates the
contact will be opened, and a dash (-) indicates that the status of the
contact will not be changed (for more information, please refer to
Section 11.)
Message: Message sent when this PBX Inactivity Alarm generates
a callout, alphanumeric page, SNMP Trap, or console action.
Auto Execute: If enabled, the VIP will execute a user-defined
command string when a callout or console action is generated.
Execute Commands: The command string performed when Auto
Execute is enabled, and a callout or console action is generated.
Email To: The address(es) that will receive email and text
messages generated by this alarm. This item is used to select one of
two user-defined email messages that are defined via the Send Email
configuration menu, as described in Section
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