PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
Pager ID Numbers: The default ID numbers used when the Alarm
Filter generates an alphanumeric page.
SNMP Management: The default SNMP manager(s), which will
receive SNMP Traps generated by Alarm Clues.
Output Contacts: (Optional - not available on NLJ-VIP units) The
default Output Contact action. A "C" indicates the contact will be
closed when an alarm is generated, "O" indicates the contact will be
opened, and a dash (-) indicates the status of the contact will not be
Message: The default message sent when the Alarm Filter
generates a callout, alphanumeric page, SNMP Trap, or console port
Auto Execute: The default On/Off state. When enabled, the VIP
will execute a user-defined command string when a callout or
console action is performed.
Execute Commands: The default Auto-Execute command string.
This command string will be performed when the Auto Execute
feature is enabled, and a callout or console action is generated.
Send Alarm Records: The On/Off status of the "Send Alarm
Records" feature, which allows you to include the exact record that
triggered the alarm when an Alphanumeric Page action is generated
by the Alarm Filter.
Email To: The default address(es) (defined via the Network Port
configuration menu) that will receive email and text messages
generated by this alarm.
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